Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Creative And Amazing Designer Mireya!

We interviewed a new person. Her name is Mireya and she lives in Brooklyn, New York. She is a graphic designer that works at Phi Design. Mireya got her bachelors degree in Fine Arts. She runs her buisness out of her apartment in Brooklyn, New York. because she owns her own buisness there are two parts of her job, design and business. Mireya likes using paper and then using a computer if she needs to "because on paper you can express yourself". Moving right along Mireya said her design has to be interesting to who ever she's doing it for. Also it has to because she doesn't want a bad design out there for the world to see. Then there would be a bad design out there because he client didn't tell the truth. By the way keep checking my blog out at www.dezireclassof2025.blogspot.com.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Interview With Chris

We interviewed Chris. Chris went to college at the University of California, Berkeley. He majored in computer science. His career is being the Co-founder of Educreations. The idea for Educreations started while he worked at a computer company, and he and his friend wanted to do something more interesting. He said Khan Academy encouraged him to create Educreations. First Chris created the web app, and then created the iPad app. Chris said Educreations is a place where anyone can create easily create video lessons. He gets feedback from students and teachers. He gets feed back so he can improve Educreations. Right now he is working on making it save your progress. That's my blog.

Thursday, January 9, 2014


We  interviewed someone named Jackie. She went to college at South Carolina University. Jackie lives in Clemson, SC and works at Clemson University. The person whe inspired her to be a journalist is Scott. Part of her job is to critique the students work in the newspaper. She likes working with college kids because they are fun and interesting. Jackie said "They are fun because they are learning and growing". She gave us some advice about our blogs. Reviewing is very important because, your first idea is not always your best idea. It is also really really important that you triple check your work.  If you publish something that is incorrect it's hard to get it back.  That's my blog check out the next one.

The Pharmacist Samantha

We interviewed Samantha. Samantha is a Pharmacist at St. Mary's hospital in Decatur, Illinois. She went to school at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, and earned Doctor of Pharmacy which is a graduate degree. She takes orders from doctors and nurses. There are two types of pharmacist retail and hospital. Her job is like a safety officer. Nurses and doctors call her, and she picks the right and safe medicine. She  tells the nurses the safe mixture of different types of medicines for the patients. She needs to remember to stay calm so she doesn't make a mistake. I know it's really bad to make a mistake because it can harm the patient. That's my blog check out my next blog.

Friday, December 6, 2013

The PR Elizabith!

Today we had a new and exiting intereveiw with Elezibith! She went to college at IU. She also went to college and got two degrees for Fashion design and Costume construction technology. She currently works at Christian Cota as an executive manager PR business development.Public relations are in charge of publicizing there selves, press stories, interviews, and new lines for malls. She helps sketch the designs and dresses for the person. And some times she helps make the dresses. One time she did  a follow up and sketch for Rose burn and she wore the clothes.  A fact about Elizibith is she's on the ninth floor out of 26. That's my blog keep checking for a new one.

Friday, November 1, 2013

My Interveiw With Myron

I intereveiwed another person. His name is Myron he lives in Boston, New York. He is in Construction Management while also being in Life Fittness. Myron said he didn't like living in New York sometimes because he was from Flint and that's a small town and New York was filled with people in a small area. Something he told us was New York has about 10,0000 people. He went to college at Michigan State University. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I Did Another Spectacular Interview Come Check It Out!

An interesting fact about Leigh is that she grew up on a farm also she learned to drive a hay truck at thirteen. Leigh owns a company called Remax and Remax is her family business her dad retired so it's now hers it's also about to be her fourteenth year at Remax. Leigh has had 3 jobs before this one and her first one was music and she decided it wasn't for her and she wasn't as great as the other people. Then she went to New York and got a job as a Broker and they told her she was going to move every year and she didn't want people telling her what to do and bossing her around she wanted to be the boss of herself also she wasn't a city girl. Another one of her jobs was as selling lawn equipment  and since she was that farm girl she thought it would be good for her but she decided it wasn't. 

         Leigh went to college at UNC-Chapel Hill for three years. She went to University of Florida State but she switched to UNC-Chapel Hill. And when she did that she lost her whole scholarship. So Leigh worked a full-time job as a waitress and she payed for college throughout the three years and when she was done with college it was already payed off. She has a Degree Business Administration and her current job is as a Real Estate Broker.